Biology, The Science of Life


We can’t escape from the significance of science in our world. But not everyone understands that, or has been taught to think critically, or been provided with the tools to analyze and test a problem or situation. I feel that science education should be more than simply feeding students information. I feel it is crucial that students are also aware of the implications of scientific advances in society. Scientists will see their work from a different view as society’s, who are not science-literate, and therefore society must be informed of the scientists’ point of view and vice versa for technological advances to be properly integrated into society. Science and science in society classes should not be taught separately; they should be taught as one, so students are provided a full understanding of the consequences science has outside a lab. This unit plan is my reflection of how science should be taught in schools.

I am extremely satisfied with my final product. More specifically, I am satisfied with the materials I chose to cover and the organization in which it is presented. I had a lot of fun creating this project and I love the extent to which I personalized it: for example, when I refer to “The Matrix”. I put a great amount of effort in creating the Power Point presentations and crosswords. I feel like I did not write enough details on the lecture material, therefore I made the Power Points very detailed to compensate for that. However, the major problem I faced when developing this unit plan is determining how much material should be presented in one lecture to stay within the time limit of 50 minutes. At points, I feel I present too much information and at others I feel I present too little. Moreover, I feel the strength of my unit plan is that it does not only focus on Biology lecture material but also encompasses a “science in society aspect”. Normally, Biology classes are a delivery of material and the students must memorize it. I feel that the fact I presented material on Biology outside the classroom, this allows my unit plan to be complete. This Unit Plan is a self-fulfilling creation of what I deem Biology classes, especially in high school classrooms, should be like.